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Change Your Perspective, you might be the reason why things haven't changed. Acts 19;1-6

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Accountable membership involves a commitment to worship the Lord corporately.


Becoming a member is an important step in deepening your commitment to Christ.

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Bible Study-Bible 101

31 Aug 2017 0 Comment Pastor Johnson
Bible 101 is an active bible study that breaks down the word of God is an active and fun learning setting. We meet every Wednesday at 7:30...

Sunday Worship

30 Aug 2017 0 Comment Pastor Johnson
Sunday Morning Worship @ 11:05 am You are welcome to join with us as we worship the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Sunday Morning Worship is 11:05...

Life School – 365 Days

19 Aug 2017 0 Comment Pastor Johnson
Our objective in Life School is to teach and challenge each student of the gospel to not only live but to GROW in Christ. Life School meets every Sunday...


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Church of Our Lord Jesus Christ, of the Apostolic Faith Inc.

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Event frequently about religion, charity for the
poor and religious classes